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MaxiNutrition Progain 2kg

Progain is the ideal solution for getting the extra calories and protein needed to increase muscle size.

Formerly Maximuscle Progain

  • 33g BioMAX protein
  • 55g Carbs
  • High in fibre
  • 460 Calories


2kg/16 servings

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Recommended Usage - Mass + Size

On the days you train

1 serving after training + 1 serving mid-morning or mid-afternoon

On the days you don't train

1 serving mid-morning or 1 serving mid-afternoon.

Serving Instructions

For one serving mix 120g of powder (approximately 2 scoops) with 350ml-400ml of cold water in a Maxinutrition shaker. Shake to blend and enjoy. Maxinutrition shakers are designed to optimise the flavour and consistency of our shakes and are available at

Why Progain?

Progain is an athlete level shake designed to help you gain weight as part of your diet and training routine. It’s trusted by thousands of professionals to help them safely reach their target weight and size. Progain is a blend of fast-acting whey proteins that support muscle size. We also add complex carbohydrates to increase the calorie load. Progain naturally includes 7g of BCAAs in each serving, which the body cannot make by itself. Progain supports effective muscle gains as part of a balanced routine of nutrition and hard training.

High in protein

Packed with 33g of protein, Progain contains a proprietary blend of high quality whey proteins, easily absorbed by the body to support muscle size.

Muscle building calories

Progain contains 460 calories in each serving, of which 140 calories are from muscle-building proteins. The balance of calories and proteins is formulated to satisfy hard-gainers who want to increase size and mass but struggle with taking on a higher calorific load in their day-to-day diet.

Naturally rich in BCAAs

Our formula includes 7g of BCAAs in every serving, with 3.4g of those coming from leucine. These amino acids are crucial parts of your diet because your body cannot make them itself.

Complex carbohydrates

With 55g of carbohydrates in each serving, Progain delivers the calorific load you need.

Supports skeletal strength

Progain is high in phosphorous, which is needed to help maintain normal bones. It is also a source of calcium which is essential for skeletal health.

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For maximum convenience, try Progain bars as an alternative to your shakes. Packed with protein and calories, they’re a satisfying supplement to your diet. For gains in mass and size during more demanding training, try Progain Extreme.

Nutrition Information

Typical Values Per 120g
Energy 1930kJ
Carbohydrate (complex)
of which sugars
of which saturates
of which MCTs
of which EFAs
Linoleic acid
Linolenic acid
Fibre 15.1g
Sodium 0.2g

*%RDI = Recommended Daily Intake

Ingredient information

*Contains milk. Suitable for vegetarians.

To see our full ingredients and our label please use the below.


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Excellent Quality With Noticable Results

Review for Progain by TomO from London on Jun 07, 2012

This is an excellent product. I have used progain on and off for around 5 years and had consistently good quality and impressive results. The most impressive was when I first started using it. I went from a lean 78KG to a ripped 84KG in a matter of months building quality lean muscle with this product. Prior to taking this product I was eating right and using Promax but still not making rapid gains as I did when using progain. I would also say this product stimulated growth not only of muscle but of actual size and height in terms of bone structure, chest measurement etc. I was 22 when I first started using it and average frame, after a year or so of a good weights and nutrition programme including progain my shoulders were broader and I was inches taller. I would say if you're under 27 then you can actually use this to stimulate your system and grow your body not just muscle, especially if you were at all stunted in your teens by bad diet or smoking etc, give yourself a chance to reach your full genetic potential of height and size! (environmental factors DO stunt your growth believe it or not theres scientific studies on it, its also understood to be a contributing factor why the Dutch are so tall) You can achieve your potential especially if you're under 27-28 (the age your body stops growing) The chocolate shake is delicious full stop. I look forward to my protein shake, other brands I have tried I sorta have to put up with it but this is actually nourishingly delicous and a great reward after a workout. I mix it with milk to achieve the excellent taste, water is good too but with milk is delicious. Choc is the best flavour in the range. I reccomend as both pre and post workout. Has the carbs to give you energy pre workout and is just what your body needs with aminos and protein post workout. Overall if you're looking for a great product with noticeable results then this is it. Perfect if your just starting to lift weights as you will see rapid gains if you're lifting right, which is great motivation and a confidence booster. Won't make you fat either if your'e training properly and mix in some cardio with your weights programme. Highly Reccomended! Plus MM gave me a free shaker with my last order... cheers MM!! :)
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes



Review for Progain by T from london on Mar 23, 2012

I was given this product by a relative, and once I started taking it by the end of the tub I had gained 3kg in weight. Though I was having cyclone with this product. I still would prefer progain extreme. I think it is more effective.
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes


great product

Review for Progain by riano from belfast on Mar 06, 2012

best tasting weight gainer I've used, mixes well, is easy to drink and have noticed big gains taking one scoops with promax after training and 1 scoop during the day.
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes


The Best Protein

Review for Progain by Judge from Ireland on Mar 03, 2012

I have been using Progain for a few months now. I had been buying protein from another company due to cost but made the switch to Progain on the advice of a friend. I won't be using anything else again. Admittedly the Progain is more expensive than many other proteins on the market, however, the difference is incredible. With the various other ingredients, Progain has packed on muscle considerably quicker than anything I have used before. It mixes easily and tastes great. Highly recommended
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes


Simply amazing

Review for Progain by Satisfied Customer from Birmingham on Jan 23, 2012

It feels like it gives you the energy to push yourself even harder during your workouts and you can really see the effects of the product in little time, not to mention the fact that it taste amazing!!!
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes



Review for Progain by AC from London on Dec 08, 2011

After being in hospital and losing some weight I've started back at the gym and taking one scoop mid morning and one after a workout, 4 days a week. 4 weeks in and I've gained the weight I'd lost and am now 3kg heavier than I was previously. I'm a hard gainer so I'm impressed. Flavours are also pretty good too.
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes


Before bed

Review for Progain by The Weights Thrower from Herts on Oct 27, 2011

best "b4 bed" meal you can imagine. vanilla flavour is the best. With milk tastes like melted ice-cream! Makes u grow really fast. Thanks Maximuscle!
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes



Review for Progain by matt the madman from ireland on Sep 21, 2011

use this product everyday it gets me outa bed in the morning great for building muscle and mass
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes


Great Tasting Shake

Review for Progain by Jim from Birmingham on Sep 15, 2011

This stuff really tastes great, the best Maximuscle shake I've tried and its a luxury to drink.
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes


Love it

Review for Progain by Marine from Birmingham on Sep 01, 2011

Good to use after a big session. Wouldnt recommend to use everyday unless you find it difficult to put size on.
Would you recommend this product to others? Yes

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I can confirm all our products are IOC present. We test each and every batch of every product for problematic banned substances, and are passionate believers in drug-free sport.
Asked by Anon Customer on Oct 19, 2012
Only with milk before bed - This will provide you with a slow release of protein during the night that your body needs. However during the day and after exercise always take with water as mixing with milk slows down the release of protein and adds extra calories to the shake.
Asked by Anon Customer on Oct 19, 2012
Yes you can, the amount of water you use will only affect the taste.
Asked by Anon Customer on Oct 19, 2012
Asked by Anon Customer on Oct 19, 2012
8 days
Asked by Anon Customer on Oct 19, 2012

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