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The Maxiraw Protein Range

Our wide range of proteins offer complete flexibility to the consumer, so you can choose the one that’s right for you depending on your goal. We only work with industry leading manufacturers to ensure that what we offer you is of the highest quality and purity. The Maxiraw protein range is used by sports people and gym trainers to help build, repair and maintain lean muscle.

  • Maxiraw WPI Intensity 2.5kg

    Maxiraw WPI Intensity 2.5kg contains quality whey protein isolate for protein synthesis and digestion speed. All Maxiraw protein is fully tested, safe and natural.


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  • Maxiraw Mass Blitz 2.5kg

    Maxiraw Mass Blitz 2.5kg supports weight gain and lean muscle growth with an economical combination of quality nutrition. A safe, tested and quality Maxiraw protein


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  • Maxiraw Protein Complex 2.5kg

    Maxiraw Protein Complex 2.5kg is an optimised protein blend contains three complementary multi-speed proteins for muscle building and recovery with every 30g serving.


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