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MaxiNutrition's Endurance Performance range (formerly Maxifuel) is designed to provide much needed nutritional support for endurance athletes, carbohydrate rich drinks and shakes to enhance performance and recovery. From powders, bars, gels and tablets, MaxiNutrition will help you go the extra mile and get the results you need. Beat your best on the pitch, on the track, on the bike or in the pool with the most comprehensive range of performance and recovery products on the market today.

  • MaxiNutrition Recovermax 750g

    MaxiNutrition Recovermax is an elite 3:1 carbohydrate to protein sports-recovery drink to repair and recover muscle following intense exercise.

    • 3:1 Maxcarb to protein blend
    • For muscle maintenance
    • Replenishing Electrolytes

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  • MaxiNutrition FuelMax Gels

    MaxiNutrition FuelMax Gels offers you a winning combination of on the run convenience and fuel for powering you through any training sessions, game or event.

    • Quadcarb blend of four carbohydrates
    • Replenishing Electrolyte Fuel
    • On the go nutrition


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  • MaxiNutrition FuelMax 750g

    MaxiNutrition FuelMax 750g All in One Fuel Drink is a unique blend of Maxcarb carbohydrates, electrolytes and amino acids using the latest sports science.

    • The BCAAs are leucine, isoleucine and valine.
    • Elite all-in-one sports drink to fuel your performance.
    • Maxcarb – maltodextrin and dextrose carbohydrate blend


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  • MaxiNutrition FuelMax Plus Bars

    MaxiNutrition FuelMax Plus Bars are a highly advanced sports snack that contains a blend of nutrients to help you rapidly enhance mental focus and energise the body.

    • Fuelling Carbohydrates
    • Caffeine and Vitamin C
    • Boost Mental Focus
    • Fruit and Cereal Flavour


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  • MaxiNutrition FuelMax Plus Gel

    The MaxiNutrition FuelMax Plus Gels are a scientific blend of fast acting Quadcarb and caffeine to give you a mental lift and boost your training.

    • Stimulating Caffeine
    • Quadcarb Blend of Four Carbohydrates
    • On the Go Nutrition


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