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The Power of Protein

What is Protein?

Protein is a vital nutrient that your body needs every day. Protein helps you maintain and rebuild your muscles after exercise. Foods high in protein include whey, fish, chicken, eggs, dairy produce (such as milk, cheese and yoghurt), beef and soya.

Proteins do most of the work your cells require for their structure and function. Protein is constantly turned over in the body and ideally losses should equal intake. Activity increases your need for protein, as it accelerates these losses.

How much protein do I need?

The UK Food Standards Agency recommends that adults take in around 55 grams of protein per day or 0.8g per kg of body weight. Guidelines for active individuals, however, such as that supplied by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) or English Institute of Sport (EIS) recommend between 1 and 2 grams per kg a person weighs.

When should I drink a protein shake?

Protein shakes are ideal for immediately after training where it can help with muscle development, but can also be handy at any time of the day where you might be struggling to find a good quality convenient source of protein.

What happens if I don't eat enough protein?

An occasional low-protein day will not affect muscle maintenance or growth, but if you don't get enough protein on a regular basis, then you will find it harder to maintain or build muscle mass.

What are the best sources of protein and is whey protein really the best?

As far as your body is concerned, there are two different types of amino acids: essential and non-essential. Non-essential amino acids are amino acids that your body can create by itself. Essential amino acids cannot be created, and therefore the only way to get them is through food. Only a few foods provide the complete set of essential amino acids, and whey is one of them. The advantage with whey is that it has a great biological value – in other words, the body absorbs it faster. Figure 1 shows you a list of protein sources and their BV. A typical serving of whey contains the same amount of protein found in a chicken breast, but can also be low in both fat and carbohydrate.

What should I look for in a protein shake?

Check it has at least 20g of quality whey protein – without adding milk - to support muscle maintenance, growth and development. Check it for the ‘informed sport’ logo to give reassurance that your product has been screened against the banned list of substances and that it comes from a reputable company with stringent quality control.

How can I use protein for muscle building?

A combination of resistance training, to stimulate protein synthesis, along with adequate protein intake, to essentially feed the muscle, is required. Include adequate calories to complete the formula for muscle growth. Aim for 1.5 – 2 grams of protein per kg you weigh. This should be split into 5-7 feeds throughout the day.

How can protein help my muscles?

The period after exercise when your muscles begin to rebuild is the best time to consume protein to induce a positive protein balance. A whey protein shake helps here because it’s convenient to make up and drink.

Protein for weight management

When activity increases, so do your protein needs. Protein also becomes more important for maintaining your lean muscle when you’re controlling your calorie intake. Muscle is our fat-burning engine, burning more calories than fat. If you want to lose weight, maintaining muscle is helpful.

Figure 1: Types of protein and their biological value

Proteins Biological Value - in %
Whey Protein 104
Whole Egg 100
Fish 83
Beef 80
Chicken 79
Casein 77
Soya 74
  • MaxiNutrition Cyclone Sachets

    Protein shake for muscle and strength gains in convenient sachets. Contains high quality protein for muscle growth, creatine to boost power and zinc to aid normal testosterone levels.

    Formerly Maximuscle cyclone Sachets

    • 30g BioMAX
    • 5g MaxPURE
    • 1.5g HMB
    • 5.8g Glutamine

    Packaging may vary


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  • MaxiNutrition Creatamax Capsules

    MaxPURE creatine blend to boost power intensity.

    Formerly Maximuscle Creatamax Capsules

    • 3.8g Creatine monohydrate
    • 56mg Magnesium

    Packaging may vary


    • In stock
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  • Sculptress Diet Drink 6x 330ml

    The Sculptress Diet Drink is a decadent sumptuous strawberry flavour protein milkshake best enjoyed as part of a balanced meal or as a snack.

    • A balanced high protein drink
    • 20 Essential vitamins and minerals
    • Contains L-carnitine


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  • Sculptress Diet Bars 12x 60g

    Sculptress Diet bars in caramel crunch flavour are a unique high protein meal or snack replacement product with vitamins and minerals.

    • Delicious high protein bar
    • The convenient and nutritious choice
    • Green tea extract and L-carnitine

    12 Sculptress Bars for £12


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  • MaxiNutrition Recovermax 750g

    MaxiNutrition Recovermax is an elite 3:1 carbohydrate to protein sports-recovery drink to repair and recover muscle following intense exercise.

    • 3:1 Maxcarb to protein blend
    • For muscle maintenance
    • Replenishing Electrolytes

    Packaging may vary


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  • MaxiNutrition Promax Lean Bars 12x 60g

    High protein snack bar to support lean muscle definition with L’carnitine, plus caffeine for improved focus and alertness, and vitamin B5

    Formerly Maximuscle Promax Lean Bars

    • 23g protein
    • 125mg caffeine
    • High in Vitamin B5


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  • MaxiNutrition Protein Milk 8x 250ml

    MaxiNutrition Protein Milk is a great tasting, refreshing shake that is packed with 20g of protein goodness to keep your muscles in tip top shape.

    • High Protein (20g)
    • No Added Sugar
    • Fat Free


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  • MaxiNutrition Promax Milk 8x 330ml

    Protein Milk designed for muscle rebuilding and recovery

    Formerly Maximuscle Protein Milk 330ml

    • 30g protein
    • Naturally containing BCAAs
    • Fat free


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  • MaxiNutrition Promax Bars 12x 60g

    A high quality protein bar that effectively targets muscle recovery and supports muscle development.

    Formerly Maximuscle Promax Meal Bars

    • 21g Protein for muscle recovery and growth
    • 6.4g Fibre
    • Great taste and texture


    • In stock
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  • MaxiNutrition Promax Milk Extreme 6x 500ml

    Maxi-Milk Extreme for muscle growth and recovery.

    Formerly Maximuscle Maxi-Milk Extreme

    • 50g protein
    • Naturally containing BCAAs
    • Fat free


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  • MaxiNutrition Progain Flapjacks 12 x 90g

    High protein bar for muscle growth and mass gains. Packed with complex carbs and with added creatine to aid high-intensity performance.

    Formerly Maximuscle Progain Flapjacks

    • 24g Protein
    • 3g Creatine
    • 45g Carbs


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  • MaxiNutrition Cyclone Bars 12x 60g

    Protein bar for efficient muscle gains, with added creatine to support power and strength.

    Formerly Maximuscle Cyclone Bars

    • 23g Protein
    • 5g Creatine
    • 1.5g Calcium HMB


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